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Is there an area in your neighborhood (map) (sponsors) that you would like to help keep clean? Why not "Adopt-A-Block" that could use some tender loving care (TLC)? You have an important role in preserving your neighborhood by allowing you and your families to take an active and visible role in cleaning and greening the District. The program allows participants to make a noticeable contribution to their communities.

Many District residents have come together focusing on the importance of clean communities. Citizens note that the government must do its part to keep the city clean, but recognize that government cannot do everything. Teamwork between government and citizens is key. Only by involving all residents and each community can we create a city as beautiful as we know the District can be. Success begins with one citizen and one community deciding to make a difference. We also encourage churches, businesses, schools and other groups and organizations to adopt their blocks.

To be a part of the clean&greenDC: Adopt-A-Block Program, a group:

  • Adopts a minimum of two square blocks of a residential or commercial area.
  • Agrees to conduct a quarterly, clean-up day and weekly litter pickup in the adopted area.
  • Report and request many available city services to 311.
  • Maintains this agreement for two years.

For more information on the Adopt-A-Block program and how to volunteer please review the clean&greenDC: Adopt-A-Block Program Guide or contact our office at (202) 442-8150.

NOTE: This program is restricted to citizens who live, own property, rent, schools and universities, including student groups, businesses, churches and mosques or are affiliated with an Advisory Neighborhood Commission, Citizens' Advisory Council, or community group in the District of Columbia. 

The Office of the Clean City has the right to reject any application that could result in a sign/banner reflecting a logo or company name offensive to the community.

To be a part of the Adopt-A-Block program, a group must adopt a minimum of 2 square blocks of a residential or commercial area in the District of Columbia; including the alleys within the blocks and both sides of all streets in the adopted area. Second, your group must agree to "clean and green" the adopted area at least once every three months for a 2-year period by conducting a clean-up day that gets the community involved.

NOTE: For residential areas, preference is given to residents living in the area proposed for adoption. Adopting a block in the District of Columbia has many benefits including:

  • Improved quality of life in your neighborhood. The appearance of our community contributes to the quality of life we all share.
  • Signs with your group's name letting people know you are committed to making a difference.
  • Pleasant reminders of the importance of litter control and prevention.
  • Litter-free, more attractive communities that help discourage unwanted and illegal activity.
  • An area watched and cared for by concerned citizens like you.
  • Increased economic development. An attractive, clean community is a great asset in attracting new businesses, jobs, and customers.

To apply, complete the online Adopt-a-Block form, or send your Application Form and Letter of Intent, complete with name, address, phone, fax, email and commitment location to:

Office of the Clean City - Executive Office of the Mayor

Adopt-A-Block Program
1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Suite 332
Washington, DC 20004
Fax: (202) 727-2357

We encourage you to view a sample of a completed Application and Letter of Intent.

Also see our Adopt-A-Block program FAQ.

Contact TTY: