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About Clean City


The mission and objectives of the Mayor's Office of the Clean City Initiative are to:

  • Lead the Mayor’s Clean City Initiative by serving as the central point of contact and goal champion within the Mayor’s administration for the initiative to clean up the District of Columbia and maintain its cleanliness.  
  • Conduct city-wide assessments of the cleanliness of the city and collaborate with District agencies that have operational responsibility for the cleanliness of the city.
  • Pursue a process improvement and legislative agenda to strengthen existing laws, improve procedures, and municipal regulations and legislation proposed for supporting the Clean City Initiative.
  • Engage the District of Columbia residential, non-profit, faith based business communities and District of Columbia Public Schools’ students in the Clean City Initiative.


The Office of the Clean City serves as the central point of contact and goal champion within the Mayor's initiative to clean up the District of Columbia and maintain its cleanliness. The Clean City Coordinator serves as the overall program manager for executing the Clean City Initiative, focusing on four areas:

  • Working with department heads that have operational responsibility for the development and coordination of Clean City program activities and the delivery of Clean City services. The coordinator facilitates, recommends, and resolves service delivery issues that arise due to integration of cross-agency operations to improve their effectiveness, or agency assistance with financial, legal, or procurement services. The coordinator also establishes standards for assessing the cleanliness of the entire city and evaluates the cleanliness of the city, using citizen-volunteer rating teams.
  • Working with the Office of Intergovernmental Relations, applicable city agencies, and the DC Council to implement process improvements in the form of better laws that strengthen the ability of the city to protect public space. The coordinator provides regular testimony to the DC Council in support of the initiative's goals and advocates for the full implementation of laws passed by the DC Council that have a positive impact on the initiative to clean the city.
  • Working with the ANCs, civic associations, concerned citizens, and businesspersons to coordinate efforts and solicit involvement and support in the cleaning of the city. To this end, the coordinator attends a variety of ANC, community, and civic association meetings and schedules speaking engagements with residents about the Clean City Initiative. The coordinator also works closely with the new "Keep Washington DC Beautiful" affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, (KAB) Inc. One of the projects sponsored by the Keep Washington DC Beautiful affiliate chapter of KAB was a Clean City Summit.

Encouraging and supporting the development of programs to educate children on safety, sanitation "Do's and Don'ts," and litter prevention.